Bonnaroo goes an even deeper shade of green

The Bonnaroo festival descends on Manchester, Tennessee next weekend, and it continues to get greener every year. Here are the names from this year’s lineup who have shown up in this blog space in the past year: Metallica, Jack Johnson, and Willie Nelson. Also playing are other outspoken artists like Pearl Jam and M.I.A. (the latter recently donated her performance fee from MTV to start two new schools in Africa), and some of the other big acts include Chris Rock, Robert Plant with Alison Krauss and T Bone Burnett, Kanye West, Death Cab for Cutie, and B.B. King.

This year the festival has partnered with the Clean Air Conservancy to offset all emissions, in effect making the fest carbon neutral. As for all the emissions caused by the audience traveling to Manchester, attendees are encouraged to purchase Clif Cool Tags, which translate to wind energy credits. Some carpoolers will be rewarded with campsite upgrades, and Carbon Shredders will be present to help individuals calculate their personal carbon reduction.

Returning eco features include extensive recycling and composting, in partnership with Clean Vibes, which for the past two years has been responsible for diverting half of the fest’s refuse from landfills. The improvement this year is that the composting will happen on-site. Planet Roo, the environmental lifestyle village, will be back again this year as well, featuring representatives from dozens of non-profit organizations like Farm Aid and Oxfam as well as eco-friendly vendors .

Other eco highlights of this year’s fest (from the festival’s press release):

 ·         Concession food served with biodegradable wraps, plates, cups and cutlery manufactured from renewable resources

·         A full line of organic cotton t-shirts

·         Using tree-free posters

·         Using post-consumer recycled toilet paper for portolets

·         Using 100% recycled paper (30% post-consumer) for all of the program and administrative needs

·         Use of VOC-free paint will eliminate 1,260 lbs of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions

·         All wood stakes and lumber used on-site are logged and milled locally

·         Whenever possible, recycled lumber, FSC lumber, and CF light bulbs are used on site

·         All horse food (15,000 lbs of hay) is purchased from local farmers

·         Horse manure is donated back to local farmers

·         Encouraging food vendors to source their produce and meat from local farmers

·         Reducing the use of Velon, a petroleum-based material used to decorate the tents, from 100% to 30%

·         Recycle or reuse 100% of Velon

·         70% of tent decorations are linens that we reuse each year

·         50% of the furniture on site is purchased from hotel liquidators and reused each year

·         Sourcing as many decoration materials, from carpets to mirrors to furniture, as possible from second hand or used sources as possible

·         Using earth friendly cleaning products to clean furniture

·         Festival golf cart pool reducing number of golf carts by 25%

Were I not already planning to be on the road again (sorry) during the weekend of this show, I would be all over this year’s Bonnaroo fest—as long as they had enough Clif Cool Tags to offset the drive, of course.