Woody Harrelson plans a 40-day desert-island starvation

Woody Harrelson: cannabis activist, yoga devotee, staunch vegan, and environmentalist. Some might say lately that Woody puts the “mental” in environmentalist, especially after they read this feature story about him in the Sunday Times Magazine, where he mentions his plans to fast for 40 days on a remote, deserted island and drink his water right out of a stream. (Via ecorazzi, which hilariously chose an accompanying photo of “Wilson” from the Tom Hanks desert-island movie Castaway.)

“I know it’s going to be really hard. But can you imagine it? Eating nothing for 40 days? Swimming and surfing every day in a remote place? Where does the mind go?”

Indeed. We’re wondering that, too. Food deprivation certainly seems more likely than overeating to yield some sort of enlightened state (or a nutrient-deprived facsimile thereof), but here’s hoping Woody will survive and return safely to his wife and three daughters in their off-the-grid Maui organic-farming community.

Harrelson found this GMO-free Shangri-La through his friend, the fellow environmentalist and cannabis activist Willie Nelson, says a feature in the Sunday Times. He describes it as such:  “It’s off the grid, there’s no power lines. Most of the people there, including us, run their vehicles, tractors, and stuff off biodiesel.”

And in that same feature story, Harrelson talked about a more practical application of another one of his hippy interests:

“I was working with a scientist on a new invention that will revolutionize how we clean up sewage. It’s cool. Usually our government treats our toxic sewage waste with even more toxic chemicals, then declares it safe for drinking. The method we’re developing does it without chemicals, and it’s 85 to 90% clean when it comes out. I think we’re gonna start with hog waste.”

Woody gets a bit of a trouncing for his eccentric choices. (Just as another example, one recent news item detailed how he had to have his vegan belt FedExed to him, since no replacement could be found locally.) I think he’s genuinely into all the causes he professes allegiance to, though. So WoHa, shine on, you crazy chrome dome.

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