The Sting that makes ya go hmm: Is Sting a hippy-crite?

I generally don’t give much credence to articles about which supposedly green celebrity also recently drank bottled water [gasp!]! It’s generally a case of someone claiming the emperor wears no clothes, when really the emperor has been pairing organic cotton clothes with conventionally grown cotton.

However, so much ado has been made of late about whether Sting and wife Trudie Styler are good guys or eco-hypocrites that it had to be addressed.

Sting has long been vocal on the subject of climate change and has been actively involved with rainforest preservation. However, a recent rating of NYC charities in the NY Post rated Sting’s charity, The Rainforest Foundation, among the worst. But then Fox News (of all sources), defended the charity.

Sting’s band The Police are going to end their tour with a fundraiser to pay for arts programming in NYC, and they also pledged one million dollars to help NYC with its goal of reducing its carbon footprint 30% by 2030. Their donation will go to plant 10,000 trees towards Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to plant a million trees locally over the next 10 years.

And now here’s the laundry list of charges against Sting and Trudie, as summarized by Journallive:

She was accused in a recent tribunal of forcing her chef to travel 100 miles to prepare a bowl of pasta.

The organic food she grows on the Italian estate has to be transported to London for sale in Selfridges.

They travel between their seven homes in private jets or their fleet of cars.

Experts estimate that the couple's carbon footprint is 30 times greater than the average Briton's.

Environmental experts labelled Sting's band, The Police, the dirtiest in the world because of the amount of pollution created during last year's reunion tour of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Germany, the UK, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, China and Japan.

You know what? Most Westerners above the poverty line have probably made big old nasty, deep carbon footprints. How many have bought a million dollars worth of trees to improve New York’s air quality (not to mention quality of life)? I say lay off them. They’re trying.

Trudy has said when confronted with the case against their behavior, "I would like to think that we both work pretty hard for the rights of indigenous people and for the rights of conservation of the Amazon rainforest, but we do need to get around."

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