Ludacris and Tommy Lee: Climate change activists?

OK, Planet Green (the 24-hour green network), you win. I will write about your silly reality show Battleground Earth because when else will I have the chance in this space to write about hard rockers from my metal past?

“Battleground Earth” stars rapper Ludacris and Tommy Lee, the gregarious drummer from one of the most polluted rock bands in history, Motley Crue, in his third reality series. Maybe the animal-protecting ways of his vegetarian ex Pamela Anderson are finally rubbing off. The stars will compete to see who is the greener of the two.

And at the end of this month, the stars will perform a concert at Griffith park in L.A. to benefit the park’s reforestation after damage from wildfires, also featuring members of Velvet Revolver and Dee Snider of Twisted Sister (a vocal proponent of free speech who also recently hosted the hard-rockin’ benefit for victims of The Station fire in Rhode Island)

The TV program itself, which premieres in August, sounds very silly, with competitions like who can collect the most junk mail in Atlanta, and who can fill up their vehicle’s gas tank with vegetable oil first at a fast food eatery in the Texas panhandle. They’ll also build small, sustainable homes out of bamboo from kits which will be the first of their kind in the U.S.. (These actually sound very cool—because they can be thrown up so quickly, they’d be a good solution for disaster relief.) Plus other celebrity guests!

I’m dubious as to how helpful a show like this is, or if it’s really meant to be helpful as opposed to just filling a slot on a 24-hour green network. On the one hand, global-warming naysayers will use an item like this, where the show’s stars are clearly not well informed about their cause or politics, as more of their petrochemical-based fuel to “prove” this whole global warming business is alarmist. (Wonder how that sand their heads are buried in is treating them?) But then, hard rock and metal have never been very political or cause-oriented…so I’m not sure if Tommy Lee still influences “the kids” today, but the show theoretically could raise awareness?  Uhh. Right…