This Earth Day, all hail the King

Earth Day is predictably bringing the celebrities out of the woodwork to participate. The Daily Green listed a lot of them, including Amber Valletta, the Roots, Menudo, Ziggy Marley, Chevy Chase, Zach Braff, and Kevin Bacon.

But what about the biggest celebrity of all time? What about Elvis? With all those cars and two private jets, he was probably not so earth-friendly. According to my Graceland tour guide, he once flew Lisa Marie to Colorado on a whim because she’d never seen snow before. Then, the story goes, they turned around and came back home.

But that was back before most people paid any attention to the environment. Today, I learned when reading about an Earth Day celebration in Kansas City, we have Eco Elvis.


No further description was given in that Earth Day article, so I found EE’s website. Eco Elvis has not revealed his true identity, but does disclose he does recycling education for a living. He came up with the concept when bored to tears while working at a recycling kick-off event at an office building. Eco Elvis debuted at an America Recycles Day event, and since then he’s been putting in hour-long performances, “What the hey was that?” quickie appearances, and kids’ shows.

He wears what he calls “the most obnoxiously beautiful green jumpsuit anyone has ever seen” which nearly blinds with its spangles. It includes recycled items such as “pop tabs, frozen juice lids, and my belt is an old weight-lifting belt turned bass ackwards.”

He’s been making appearances for over a decade now and in 2006 came out with a CD with painfully titled green takes on Elvis songs: Viva Las Vegans (Viva Las Vegas), Burnin' Globe (Burnin' Love), I Reduce, I Reuse, I Recycle (I Want You, I Need You, I Love You), Can't Help Recycling It All (Can't Help Falling In Love), and Compost Hotel (Heartbreak Hotel).

To quote Eco Elvis, Elvis isn’t dead, he’s just been recycled.

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