Pre-Recorded from London: It’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien?

My main man Conan O’Brien has been in the news this week with the announcement that Jimmy Fallon is taking over hosting duties when Cone takes over for Jay Leno. Jimmy is pretty to look at and all, but him as a host would send me off to dreamland even faster and with fewer laughs. And as DListed pointed out, what do we have to do to get a woman hosting late night? (Besides the short-lived Caroline Rhea Show and that Chelsea lady; come on major networks, we’re half the population, for crying out loud!)

Anyway. On to the eco aspect: Usually when you think of Conan O’Brien, the only green that comes to mind is the 40 shades of his ancestral homeland. On Wednesday, as part of NBC’s “Green Week,” Late Night with Conan O’Brien had an all-green episode, featuring guests like Seth Green, and travel editor Peter Greenberg. (Get it?)

Seth admitted he does drive a Prius “because gas is just outrageous and I’m cheap.” He says his Prius is ugly, but roomier than you think, and “I had that thing going 111 out to San Diego…Oh, it’s fast.”

It was still Conan, so of course it was still silly. Seth also shared photos of other ways he saves the planet, such as being carried up the stairs rather than using an elevator--“I don’t walk the stairs by myself, Conan, that’s a fool’s errand”--and conserving water by brushing his teeth with water from the gutter. “That’s not water,” declared Conan.

Admittedly, the first two guests were a bit of a stretch on the green theme, but the final guest made up for it. Radiohead’s performance on Conan didn’t take place at 30 Rock. Rather than the band flying over the Atlantic for just one show, they sent an exclusive pre-recorded Rainbows cut, “House of Cards,” made in the studio in England.

From Conan’s website: By opting to record this exclusive performance rather than fly over for a one-off appearance, the band - as frontman Thom Yorke notes in the introduction to their performance - avoided leaving a carbon footprint equivalent to driving one's car for a solid year.

Well played again, Radiohead.

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not enough women are funny enough to have their own shows, duh.

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