Blythe Danner promotes cleaner fuels

Last week Blythe Danner appeared with other activists in New York City to unveil natural gas garbage trucks. Hooray—I’ve turned my face away from those traditional black-smoke-billowing polluters many times in the past, and New York can use all the air-quality help it can get. The Huffington Post declared it, “Real Greening, Not ‘Green Washing.’” Danner appeared in Union Square on Thursday to promote the debut of two garbage trucks and one street sweeper that run on natural gas, thanks to a group called Energy Vision.

From Huff Po, via Energy Vision’s report distributed at the press event:

“Because of just the 38 natural gas trucks put on the streets in the NY region as a result of the four initiatives that were highlighted at today's Union Square event, New Yorkers will be spared the health risks, involving asthma, other respiratory illnesses, and cancers associated with more than 124 tons a year of airborne particulates (soot) and smog-forming nitrogen oxides. Were half of the diesel refuse collection and recycling trucks operating in New York City traded in for natural gas models ‘more than 16,000 tons of pollutants would be eliminated a year, while reliance on a clean domestic fuel would eliminate the need for 23 million gallons a year of petroleum-based diesel fuel, which is getting more expensive by the day and relies on imported oil.’”

It’s a good time to bring up Blythe, a tree-hugging lifer who hasn’t yet been mentioned in this blog. Blythe, of course, is mom to Gwyneth Paltrow, and taught her by example way back in the ’70s. Now Gwyneth is a green mom herself, so the cycle continues.

At three decades and counting, Blythe is right up there with Ed Begley as one of the truly old-school celeb environmental activists. She’s in the Environmental Media Association, as is Gwyn’s hubbs, Chris Martin of green-touring Coldplay.

For her part of the press event, Blythe mentioned bringing up her children to recycle, and now, her grandchildren. “It is amazing that, for reducing air pollution, taking one old diesel truck off the streets is like removing 325 cars! Every child exposed to the new natural gas trucks will be a healthier child, and, by our becoming less oil dependent, every child will have a better chance for a secure future."