Sadly, Fall Out Boy ain’t all that’s falling in Antarctica

Fall Out Boy, who played Live Earth last summer, recently attempted to do their own one-band version of Live Earth: Perform on every continent in a two-week time span. It was going to get them into the Guinness Book of World Records for performing the continents in the shortest time span. Unfortunately, weather and the climate change had other plans during the same time frame, and they couldn’t land in Antarctica due to weather.

Vegan valentine/ Fall Out Boy bassist/lyricist Pete Wentz says he is like, mega bummed: “It’s an utter disappointment… I read [on the MTV Newsroom blog] someone compared it to Geraldo opening Capone's vault, but it's worse than that, because, like, Capone's stuff is in there, you just can't get the light on. There's no spin for it; we got two hours away from Antarctica and we can't go.”

Pete even suggested renting a boat to do a little acoustic performance just inside the Arctic Circle, but it just wasn’t going to happen. It was “probably the worst feeling on the planet,” said sensitive Mr. Wentz, which he quickly amended to saying was the worst Fall Out Boy-related feeling he’d had. But speaking of the planet, which is why we’re here on the Plenty website today, New York Magazine’s pop culture blog “Vulture” and MTV News blame the fiasco partially on global warming.

The Wilkins ice shelf, on the Western part of the Antaractic island where the band was supposed to land, is cracking and breaking off into the ocean. Pete told MTV: "Someone sent (the story) to me and they're like ‘Oh now you guys are going and this ice shelf fell that wasn't supposed to fall for another 15 years.’ And I'm like, ‘We didn't even land there so that wasn't even our fault.’"

“Basically it’s more evidence of global warming,” he continued. ” Essentially our runway just fell off.” I’m not blaming Fall Out Boy, but I’m not sure how Earth-friendly it was to jet the band, crew, and equipment to every continent in under two weeks just so they could break a world record, when the world is literally breaking, itself. Just sayin’.


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