Global warming? Jack told you so

The super eco friendly adult-oriented recording artist Jack Johnson’s been making headlines lately with word of his upcoming green summer tour. Fans have the option of paying an extra $1.50 on their ticket prices to offset emissions they’ll generate traveling to the show. That’s cool…I guess?

But somehow this is still cooler: MTV recently caught up with Jack Nicholson for part two of an extended exclusive interview. Like many septuagenarians, Nicholson could have told us a thing or two back when, if we’d just been listening. First he refers to Ben Franklin as his “favorite guy,” even though Franklin wanted the New World to remain a part of England:

“He came around late. You have to be ready to change your mind. We were wrong on global warming. We were wrong on dope. The only guy that ever agreed with me on [legalizing] dope was William F. Buckley. And that shocked me so deeply, I couldn't believe it… I like to reduce things down. One of the things you can do to solve energy is solve traffic. We burn so much gasoline sitting at traffic lights! But this is so far removed from the presidency. Let's get away from demographics and a bit more towards a meritocracy.”

When MTV prompted Nicholson on whether he’d run for office, he said only, “I like my job.”

He would, however, like to be the devil over the shoulder of a president he called friend: “I always wanted to be the older friend of the president who would give them a different slant on the news of the day.”

As far as the dismissal of opinionated actor types like himself, Nicholson said: “I wish they'd stop calling us ‘Hollywood nitwits.’ They can't get along without us. We've got our share of nitwits. I've been called a ‘woolly headed intellectual,’ neither of which is accurate. I only wish I was woolly headed.”

At least after multiple decades of fame, we can still count on Jack Nicholson to work, play, and never be a dull boy. That may be more than we can say about the formerly mentioned Jack.

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that photo that goes with this story on the front page of Plenty of the Hwood sign, it gave me pause ..... to envision something like this sign as a global warming warning sign. photoshopped by Waybe in Hwood. what do you think, Colleen?


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