Blackouts are the new green, which is the not-so-new black

Over on Plenty’s other celeb-themed blog, Lifestyles of the Green and the Famous, Roberta Cruger already mentioned Rufus Wainwright’s energy-saving, example-setting proposal: Blackout Sabbath. I have to agree with what he is quoted on Gothamist as saying about New York’s unplanned blackout of several years ago:

"I loved the New York power outage! I found it incredibly invigorating, spiritual and practical at the same time: we all had to pay attention to each other! Not to mention that Manhattan in total darkness was oddly enough a beautiful sight to behold."

But Rufus ain’t the only one gearing up musically in honor of such an event. You may have heard of Earth Hour, which will be observed by nearly 50 cities Saturday, March 29th. Canada claims to be leading the global effort (though it originated in Sydney, Australia last year) and Toronto was the first Canadian city to sign on to the event. For all the folks worried about what to do without TV and Internets, Nelly Furtado will be giving a carbon-neutral free concert at 7:30 pm in Toronto’s Nathan Philips Square. (Earth Hour begins at 8 pm.)

Both Rufus and Nelly seem to be new entrants to the domain of green celebrity. Previously, Rufus designed organic T-shirts and tanks for H&M to help fight HIV and AIDS, and this may be Nelly’s first blip on the green radar.

Kind of surprisingly, I didn’t find mention of any other celebs lined up to help promote the event in other Earth Hour cities. (Other than the Sydney Opera House, the Sears Tower, and the Golden Gate Bridge, that is.) Whatever will people in those cities do without electricity and concerts during the hour of no power? Not talk to each other face to face? Nah, they can still at least text message, because their cell phones will undoubtedly still be going.

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