The other Clinton has some plans of his own

Former President Bill Clinton’s thinking about the young folks again, only this time his motivation is praiseworthy. The man still fondly recalled as the MTV President spoke to MTV News yesterday about the imminent launch of CGI U, the college-level branch of his three-year-old Clinton Global Initiative. The CGI tackles the planet’s most pressing problems at annual meetings in NYC, having raised an estimated $30 billion so far. CGI U will aim do the same at the university level, but without the emphasis on fundraising. The nation’s standout activists will gather at Tulane University in New Orleans for the first conference of CGI-U next month.

With assistance from CGIU, members of the educational community can contribute in four areas: energy and climate change; global health; poverty; and peace and human rights. And guess what one of Clinton’s suggestions is for college students and educators? "I think it would be an amazing thing if every college campus in America would commit to doing everything it could to becoming carbon-neutral within five or 10 years. If you got everybody into this fight against climate change on the college campuses, that's about 6 percent of America's greenhouse gases — that's how big the university community is in the United States."

He continued on to explain that this would generate “green-collar jobs,” like the installation of solar panels and windmills that would pay for themselves in energy savings.

"It wouldn't cost universities or colleges any more money, it would create a lot of jobs, and it would give young people the exhilarating experience of greening the campus," Clinton said. Sounds like somebody’s taken a page from his former VP!

“The CGI model is about collective action to make a difference, and it works because people who care come together not just to talk, but to form partnerships to bring about change,” Clinton stated on the organization’s website. “It’s a model that we know works and by offering it to college students I hope CGI U will give them a new outlet to tackle problems and foster social change."

The Inaugural Meeting has gotten a huge response of proposals from individuals, student organizations, and universities already. But it’s not too late to get involved; for those interested in attending, applications (available at are being accepted until Monday.