Sixties sex kitten Julie Christie: the rumors are true

That is, if the rumors say: She’s been living a modest lifestyle in the Welsh countryside, she has a preference for white tea, and that she was brought up by her mother with an old-fashioned yet modern green philosophy.

After 30 years of wishing and hoping, British journalist Garth Pearce finally got an audience with the spotlight shy Oscar winner (Best Actress in 1965’s Darling), and the resulting feature ran in last Sunday’s Times.

Discussing her lack of participation in the modern Hollywood merry-go-round, she explains, “My mother was wise and frugal, and quite austere. She was conscious about the environment, even in those days. The world of celebrity did not mean a single thing to her. Which is why I take all the celeb stuff with a pinch of salt.”

In keeping with mom’s wisdom, the star of Dr. Zhivago and Shampoo has been living a decidedly non-star-studded live on her farm in Powys, Wales. She rents the farm out and lives in a converted barn on the property.

“I always hang my washing up outside, or even on a pulley thing. It is a complete waste of energy to use dryers. My mother’s hate of waste has filtered down to me, probably because I was a war baby. There was no waste in the war, was there?”

Au contraire, suggested her interviewer, but Christie continued on. “I cannot even talk about waste without being indignant. My introduction to Hollywood was a society that used it, sniffed it and threw it away. We’ve become a bit like that ourselves in the past 30 years. There’s an attitude among the successful people of spend and spend, flaunt and flaunt, and don’t think of anyone else.”

Bravo! But she might be surprised to know how the tide seems to be turning in the Tinseltown she’s shunned all these years.

Now, as for those other two 1970s rumors, that she and Donald Sutherland were totally doing it in real life while they were being filmed for the movie Don’t Look Now, and that she was the first person then-beau Warren Beatty asked to marry him, she’s not talking.