Jared Leto’s new video, “A Beautiful Lie,” somehow helps the environment or something

Emphasis on the beautiful, am I right, ladies? Sorry, but this post was writing itself before I finished reading the press release. I really just wanted to watch any footage of Jared Leto, whether he’s a no-account scoundrel as the tabloids say, or not.


Oh right, and there’s an environmental correlation, too! The video for “A Beautiful Lie” premiered globally on MySpace this week, as the third in a series of short films from 30 Seconds to Mars’ 2005 album. It was shot entirely on location in Greenland, 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle, to highlight the global warming crisis.

Director Angakok Panipaq and the band teamed up with NDRC and used Green Tags to offset the footprint of the shoot. This project is also a partnered with Buzznet.com as part of an activism group to bring music, community, and charity together.

“Because this is such a hot topic and a cause celebre we thought long and hard about what, why, and whether we were actually going to go through with this at all,” said the J man.  “Ultimately, we decided that being part of the solution - or even just attempting to be a part of solution - is better than sitting around and complaining about it. If, after all of this, in the smallest way possible, we are part of that solution rather than the problem then it will have been worth it all.”

Wait. Was he just saying something? I was gazing at his blue eyes and thinking, Oh Jordan Catalano, you’re the dreamiest.

The video begins with a speaker who we presume to be a native of the area where they shot the video: “When I was a child we would hunt with a dog sled on the sea ice. But the ice has failed us again this winter. It is rotten and we cannot do anything. It is very difficult for our people today. I cannot tell you what the future brings, but if this weather continues, people living around the world in lowlands will have big problems.”

Eh, maybe it’ll make some more young people aware. So go ahead, watch the video. Even if you don’t learn anything, you’ll still get to stare at one of the hunkiest men alive.



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