World’s Least Green Celeb is Simply the Becks

The UK's Daily Star reported this week that environmental protestors have declared soccer's golden boy David Beckham to have the "biggest carbon footprint in the world."

"The amount of flying David does means he holds the dubious crown of having the largest carbon footprint in human history," said a spokesman for the Carbon Trust. In the last year he has traveled more than 250,000 air miles, a length which could have taken him to the far side of the moon and beyond.

At just 32 years old, that's quite an accomplishment--one that's helped by David's collection of 15 gas-guzzling land vehicles, including a Hummer (but of course), a Porsche, and a Lincoln Navigator.

Beckham also clocked 8,000 miles flying from New Zealand to Vancouver to act as the official photographer for the debut of the Spice Girls' reunion tour. (But the Spice Girls must have had to fly him in because they know he'd do the best job, and it didn't have anything to do with the fact that his wife is Posh Spice.) The Daily Star also reports that between David and wifey Victoria Beckham, the two put in an estimated 50,000 miles jetting about the globe to fulfill their various advertising contracts.

Speaking of the reunited Spices, putting to rest nasty rumors earlier this year that each member of the quintet was planning to fly in her own private plane for the tour, Sir Richard Branson arranged for the Spicy ladies to fly about in a Virgin Atlantic plane dubbed Spice One. Is it the beginning of change for the Beckhams? That remains to be seen.

Peter Cranie of England's Green Party remarked, “A celeb like Becks, who claims the need to travel on such a massive scale, should be making an effort to counteract the damage he is doing.”

Beck's legacy beckons. Maybe the new year will help determine which reputation he'll leave to represent his time on Earth: Becks as the eco criminal, or the soccer star who cleaned up his act and in the process, the planet.

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