She May Want an Eve-olution

Eve, the glamorous rapper and star of the now-defunct, semi-autobiographical UPN TV show of the same name, has a bit of a spotty past as far as animal rights go (not to mention those DUI headlines she made last spring). But now, it looks like she may be changing her tune when it comes to environmentalism. It’s confusing, since the two often go hand in hand.

Back in September of 2007, Eve made a few waves by renouncing her ownership of a mink coat, which had been her first big splurge when she made it big. That’s good—she cares about furry critters; she must be a conscientious consumer, right? Well… not so much, from the sound of her explanation on that fashion choice:

“It's nothing to do with animal rights – it's just that I have moved on. I think people should be able to wear what they want and I hate that the Peta people throw blood or paint over people wearing fur.

To me that's just rude and if anyone did that to me they'd better be tough because they'd have a fight on their hands.”

(Peta’s blog post on this topic pointed out that they had never thrown paint—they’d tossed some cream pies, but no red paint.)

However, Page Six reported on Monday about Eve’s current backstage rider, which requests "there be no use of Styrofoam or plastic goods, no leather furniture, and only recyclable materials." The no-leather-furniture part is perplexing, since Eve wears leather, but overall, the news of her rider is promising. And in the cover interview of the February/March 2008 issue of BUST (which incidentally has an article with eco-friendly tips for lazy environmentalists) Eve mentions shopping at Whole Foods.

So what’s the deal—does Eve think, “Screw the animals, but save the planet” or what? Methinks her defensive remark about the fur coat might come out of her tough-gal persona (as documented by her “strong female” tattoo in Chinese letters), and Eve will strike back when she feels criticized. But beneath the exterior of the woman who dubbed herself a “pitbull in a skirt” there might just be a puppy-lover.