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January, 2008

World’s Least Green Celeb is Simply the Becks
She May Want an Eve-olution
In 2008, it Takes an Eco Village to Rock Proper
CELEBS: EMI Gives Unwelcome Meaning to “Sustainable”
CELEBS: Hayden Panettiere Saves the Whales Again!

February, 2008

Jared Leto’s new video, “A Beautiful Lie,” somehow helps the environment or something
Sixties sex kitten Julie Christie: the rumors are true
The other Clinton has some plans of his own
Viva la Vivenne! Westwood sticks it to high fashion again

March, 2008

The British are coming
Global warming? Jack told you so
Blackouts are the new green, which is the not-so-new black
Indiana Jones’ real-life crusade
Sadly, Fall Out Boy ain’t all that’s falling in Antarctica

April, 2008

Willie helps free Bessie
Blythe Danner promotes cleaner fuels
This Earth Day, all hail the King
Pre-Recorded from London: It’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien?

May, 2008

England’s most exclusive community is green…kind of
The Sting that makes ya go hmm: Is Sting a hippy-crite?
Ludacris and Tommy Lee: Climate change activists?
Turner greens the restaurant biz
Woody Harrelson plans a 40-day desert-island starvation

June, 2008

Bonnaroo goes an even deeper shade of green
What's new with Stella McCartney
The 10 most overexposed green celeb stories
Love letters from Paul Newman

July, 2008

Environmentally progressive Iceland needs help from Björk, Sigur Rós
Emeril greens it up a notch on Discovery Channel’s Planet Green
Neil Young is a badass
Kanye West’s big carbon footprint at the Global Gathering

August, 2008

Pop goes the world: Today’s pop starlets, like, care about causes
Darryl Hannah, Pam Anderson, and Paris Hilton have ideas for a world that’s too hot
Wilco is trying to save the world, one show at a time
Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet tour generates huge carbon footprint

September, 2008

George Clooney: The most dreamy environmentalist in Hollywood
Solar Power Takes the Cake
Election season brings out the green-talkin’ stars
We campaign hearts the planet, and Al Gore
The Sundance Kid rides again (using clean energy, of course)

October, 2008

Two rockers weigh in on saving the planet
Once-smoking hot Brigitte Bardot now burns with righteous indignation
Rare orchid stops development of Jade Jagger’s eco-home project
Danny John-Jules assaults recycling workers

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