The Tomorrow Show With Jay Leno

This week, the LA Times visited Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage, resulting in an article and video segment showcasing the environmental progress he’s made in the past year or so. His improvements have cost him $450,000 for the garage’s solar panels alone,  $19,000 for a wind turbine, and he plans on making similar improvements to his home next.

"I guess I'm a rich guy…I can afford to do it, so why don't I be the one that experiments with it and tries it out?” Leno said. “And if it works, if enough people like me try it, then it passes down and becomes more affordable."


Wow, Jay Leno, model citizen! Who knew? But isn’t this the same guy who drives a different car to work every day? Yes, but it’s an eight-mile commute. "There are people who say, 'Well, you should sell all your cars and ride your bicycle,' " Leno said, but his take on the matter is, "No. I'm not going to do that, but what else can I do?"

The greening process started for Leno about a year and a half ago, when he began investigating his options. He gives a nod to old school green guys like Ed Begley, Jr. "I give people like Ed a tremendous amount of credit. When he started it was like, 'That's interesting.' But then, as more and more proof comes along, you go, 'Hey, this guy was right.' "

 The garage uses energy-efficient heating, nontoxic cleaners, and microbes to eat away grease, the same critters that are called on to help when there’s an oil spill.  

In the video segment, Leno shows off what should be a contradiction in terms: his eco-friendly sportscar, Eco Jet.  “We live in an era where liking cars and liking the environment don’t really seem to fit– especially high performance cars.” But Leno and GM set out to dispove that last year, and now the result is one of many cars in the Big Dog Garage. It runs on a biodiesel jet engine normally found in coast guard helicopters. Even its paint is environmentally sustainable.