Pretty Decent Woman: Julia Roberts Proves She’s Not Just a Hooker with a Heart of Gold

For those paying attention, Julia Roberts has been sending out a message that she’s more than that iconic hooker with the heart of gold she once so famously played; she’s an actress with a heart of gold.

Variety picked up on her good deeds this week with an article that covers her progressive film choices, such as the feminist theme of Mona Lisa Smile, and the eco-themed Erin Brockovich. (Julia’s been environmentally savvy ever since doing the film.) Also this week, the paparazzi site X17 caught Julia in the act of [gasp] shopping with reusable cloth bags! (See, young harlots, I mean starlets of today, the paps will still take pictures of you and post them if you’re being wholesome.)

Julia has been making Earth-conscious changes left and right: last year, she graced the cover of Vanity Fair’s Green Issue, and earlier this year, Life & Style reported that she and Danny Moder ordered up a solar-powered home built with sustainably grown wood in preparation for their new baby. She spoke in the same piece about how she drives a Prius but wants to get a car that runs on vegetable oil. On that note, she also happens to be a spokesperson for Biofeuls, Inc., along with fellow greenie Willie Nelson as well as the esteemed Morgan Freeman. In addition to eschewing the plastic bag, Julia has been rumored to bring her own metal cup to coffee shops.

Considering Julia’s still one of the most bankable female stars out there in a time when even Jodie Foster is being blamed her latest movie tanking, I’m thinking of a few young Hollywood lasses who would be well advised to take a page from her book.


very earth loving person.i really love julia! i salut you!!!