We’re Grateful for Ed--Now with More Celebs!

At this point, green giant Ed Begley, Jr. is known as much for his environmentally friendly lifestyle as he is for his extensive acting resume, and in a galaxy of dubious eco-spouting stars, he’s got cred to spare. Ed’s been in the green game almost as long as he’s been acting; only Leo DeCaprio and handful of other celebs can say that. And Ed’s got Leo beaten by a few decades, saying that he drove his first electric car back in 1970, when Leo was still twinkling in his parents’ eyes.

Labor Day weekend is upon us, and the new fall TV schedule is not far behind, including season two of Begley’s HGTV program “Living With Ed.” The show will continue to document Ed’s life with long-suffering wife Rachelle Carson (let’s just say she wouldn’t mind if they had a slightly larger carbon footprint) and their daughter Hayden, in their environmentally efficient L.A. home, which features solar panels, a solar oven, a compost heap, fruit trees and gardens, and a toaster powered by stationery bicycle.

 But this time around, Ed’s paying visits to some of his Hollywood buddies, like Cheryl Tiegs (whose home he visits to advise on energy-efficient light bulbs), usual suspect Darryl Hannah, Jackson Browne, Sharon Lawrence, and because every show can use a good wacky neighbor, Bill Nye, who is on record as competing with neighbor Begley to see who has the smallest carbon footprint.

Begley has owned his own wind turbine in the desert near Palm Springs for over 20 years and has his own mini version on his property, but he has some green competition from a few of his guest stars, such as Jackson Browne, who lives completely off the grid on his self-styled ranch with his own turbine. Green thumbs up Mr. Begley, a pioneer in the eco-friendly lifestyle, and let’s hope he continues to spread the positive message, even if he has to challenge all of his neighbors to compete. And to the regular slobs who can’t afford their own turbine, Ed says, "I urge everyone to start small. Ride a bike, plant some food."