Greening Up Baby: Celeb Offspring are Off to a Good Start

Some kids have all the luck. They’re born to rich and famous parents, then they’re living green lifestyles from birth, and they get to spectacularly screw up in the public eye. Oh, wait, that last part isn’t so enviable. But dig this:

Jill Barker, who owns the eco-baby shop Green Baby in Notting Hill, London (and three other shops, and one online), cites Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Stella McCartney as patrons, which never fails to put a spring in her sales. I think you know where this post is going, Dirt readers: another green-celeb trend. “People follow the lead of a celebrity; it becomes the latest thing to do,” Jill says, and this time we’re talking Earth-friendly celebrity offspring.

Eco chanteuse Sheryl Crow just had another shower for her adopted son, Wy Steven, and some enterprising Earth-friendly labels like Healthy Child, Healthy World, and Wee Generation added their own gifts to the pile.

And now, the winning couple from “The Bachelorette,” Trista and Ryan Sutter, just went public with the eco-nursery they prepared for their newest family member, Maxwell Aston, who arrived prematurely just over two weeks ago. When he comes home from the hospital, he’ll snuggle onto a bed of organic cotton, surrounded by walls with fume-free paint, and it’ll all be cleaned with biodegradable natural products. Air and water filters were also added as health measures…Trista’s hoping this means her allergies won’t show up in Maxwell.

Their nursery preparations were assisted by a firm called Green Nest, but being green isn’t an unusual move for this family: Ryan writes a column on sustainable lifestyles for the local website Vail Daily, and he’s certified to build green homes. He’s also now involved with a green home-revamping show called “The EcoZone Project.”

The former Bachelorette, Trista, is game for the green, too: “We try and live environmentally friendly lives as much as possible…We still use electricity, we still drive cars, we still buy cotton products that aren’t organic, but any little thing that you can do, if all of us do our part, it makes such a huge difference, and that goes along with all the fun stuff for babies.”


Unfortunately, a cotton mattress (organic or not) is a Hilton (pardon) for dust mites. Cotton fiber attracts moisture, which attracts dust mites, which sets up infants for developing allergies and asthma. A natural latex mattress is a far healthier choice for babies.