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One of the greatest aspects about the Internet for us ethical types is the ability speak out on important issues with an effort as minimal as a mouse click—organizations like True Majority and have succeeded in proving that the keyboard is mightier than the sword. The latest contender in this online making-a-difference category is the charitable organization Global Cool. It’s new project, MyCO2, is dedicated to getting one billion people to pledge to reduce their carbon emissions by one "tonne" by making everyday changes. And this may shock you (or maybe not at all), but MyCO2 is being endorsed by big names such as their US ambassador Heather Graham, as well as Sienna Miller, and an actor responsible for generating his own kind of global warming [ahem], Josh Hartnett. These three are adding to a roster of support for Global Cool that was already a green celebrity love-in, including Perry Farrell, Prince Charles, Leonardo DiCaprio, and numerous Bollywood actors, not to mention that it was launched last year by Orlando Bloom.

Global Cool is also launching a new short film to raise awareness about climate change, featuring Tony Blair, as well as Ms. Graham and Ms. Miller, which premiered last weekend at India’s IIFA Awards.

Too often, Joe and Suzy Microbrew Sixpack cannot follow the examples of green celebrities without first having those celebs' endless riches at their disposal. But the changes suggested by MyCO2 can be done by almost anyone, from something as simple as unplugging your cell-phone charger to biking instead of driving that under-two mile errand. Then it's up to you to check off which changes you will really make. You are even given your CO2 savings, which is added to their Global Coolmeter.

The only problem with the MyCO2 site is that statements full of Britspeak like the following make me want to hop on a carbon-spewing plane to visit England: "Unlike a miserable diet, you'll find it a lot easier to shift a tonne or so of CO2 and you can still carry on eating crisps." Aww!

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I have been following Global Cool for quite some time, and i'm in love with the MyCO2 campaign, so i was wondering if anyone knows where i can get the movie, is it on amazon??

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