Baby, You Should Drive that Car

Leo has a Prius, so does Cameron, and in this year of living environmentally, multiple celebrities hit the Oscars in Priuses (or is the plural Priui?). Green fever is so hot that now stars are making news just for saying they're thinking about buying eco- friendly wheels.

Take Daniel Radcliffe, otherwise known as Harry Potter. You might have heard that the next Harry Potter book will be printed on one-third post-consumer recycled paper, but it turns out the actor who plays the young wizard has an environmental conscience as well. Daniel is about to turn 18 next month and come into a fortune of an estimated £23 million. But rather than splurging on a flashy luxury vehicle, he's planning to buy himself a Fiat Punto because it has been rated one of Britain's top five most environmentally friendly cars.

It’s another admirable move from the young man who bravely went fully nude in the stage show Equus, a performance of which, by the way, was attended by a one Prius-driving Orlando Bloom.

And on the other side of the pond (and other end of the actor spectrum), tough guy Bruce Willis gets points for talking green before green was cool, having expressed his concerns on the ozone layer and more way back in a 1988 interview with Playboy. He also received the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation’s Chairman's Award, recognizing his commitment to environmental protection—although he was also ordered to pay a hefty fine for damaging wetlands on his property in Idaho in 2004.

His concern about the air quality in LA prompted him to move his family out to the country years ago, and this week he remarked on, "They say that growing up in Los Angeles is the equivalent of smoking a pack and a half of cigarettes throughout your entire childhood. It's horrific when you can actually look at the air and see it."

Bruce was said to be in the market for an electric car last year when promoting the eco-themed Over the Hedge. But he hasn’t yet acted on his plan, and it, too, is proving to die hard. When recently prompted about his electric-car plans, he only said, “I’m looking.”

And now we’re giving him more press for it! So we’ll also issue a request: Time to put some of that money where your mouth is, Bruce.



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