Adrian Grenier Leads; the World Follows; We Read About it in the Media

You probably remember the dashing Mr. Adrian Grenier as the guy from Entourage with the denim-insulated house in Brooklyn. Rolling Stone’s current Live Earth/climate crisis-themed issue reports that singer/songwriter Jack Johnson has just followed suit with jean-sulation in his earth-friendly new LA office and recording studio, as part of a larger initiative to make his label, Brushfire Records, environmentally sustainable.


But Grenier isn’t all substance; he’s also pretty! People just named him number eight on their list of  “Single & Sizzling Men of  ’07” in their special bachelors issue, and amidst the Q&A fluff, Adrian still managed to work in some green talk: “If a woman isn’t environmentally conscious, she will be after going out with me. I like women who are aware of what’s going on around them and are willing to learn.”

 The issue also has a separate feature of hottest green bachelors, including an industrial hygienist, the attorney for Montana’s Fish, Wildlife, and Parks agency, and a marketing analyst for the World Wildlife Federation. Some of them are even pictured cheekily posing shirtless…ladies.

And for those of you who haven’t run off to buy the new People, there’s even more green Grenier news! Now some of Adrian’s Entourage costars are expressing concern about the environmental impact of their car choices, according to an article on, which helpfully labels this taste in vehicles “eclectic.” Series producer Mark Wahlberg wishes for an electric Cadillac Escalade and says, “If we’d listened to Jimmy Carter, we’d have some great electric cars right now.” (Yay! Who knew Marky Mark cared?)

Rex Lee is planning to get a Prius, as is Hayden Panettiere (just like Adrian), though the latter explains that people watch what you do when you’re in the public eye and sounds like she was maybe a bit peer-pressured into it: “I’m into charities and those kind of things, so I feel like if I’m trying to make a change and everything else and voice my opinion, then at least I can be driving a good, healthy car.” Like, totally: Sign o’ the times, Hayden; and happily for the environment, the times, they are a-changing.