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June, 2007

Baby, You Should Drive that Car
Think Globally, Act Lazily
Adrian Grenier Leads; the World Follows; We Read About it in the Media
Cinema Verde: The New Green Giants Onscreen

July, 2007

World’s Coolest Underground Band Hits Lucky 7s on Live Earth Day
Tune in as TV Turns on to the Environment
The Day Harper Stuck it to…Luxury Gas-Guzzling Ways
Paris is Turning? We’ll See About That

August, 2007

A Heavier Shade of Green: Even the Hardest Rock Now Cares About the Third Rock from the Sun
Scandal in Scandinavia: They tried to Make Amy Wino Recycle, But She Said “No, No, No”
Greening Up Baby: Celeb Offspring are Off to a Good Start
Jack Osbourne: Unlikely Prince of Green-ness?
We’re Grateful for Ed--Now with More Celebs!

September, 2007

Father Knew Best: Bindi Irwin Follows in Dad’s Conservationist Footsteps
Anita Roddick, Green Pioneer, Dead at 64
Donatella’s Flying Python Circus of Eco Crimes
Wild, Wild Westwood

October, 2007

We All Shine On: Yoko’s Tower of Geothermal Peace Power
Pretty Decent Woman: Julia Roberts Proves She’s Not Just a Hooker with a Heart of Gold
HBO’s Stars of David are Green and Greener

November, 2007

Cate Blanchett: Solar-Powered and Shorter-Showered
The Tomorrow Show With Jay Leno
Michael Jackson: Green Before It Was Cool
Heather Mills McCartney Dishes on Dairy

December, 2007

There’s Something Green Under the Soleil
Eyes on the Prize
A Fine Bromance

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