TV News Camera Operator Frames Sarah Palin

In what is quite possibly her most cringe-inducing media appearance yet, Sarah Palin is here shown being interviewed for local TV news holding a latte and wearing a Burberry's scarf (I thought she said she was giving back the clothes the RNC bought for her?) while turkeys are slaughtered in the background. It's clear from the way the shot is framed that the camera operator or producer knew exactly what s/he was doing in setting up Palin this way; the shot looks like something out of Monty Python, with Terry Gilliam as the blood-stained turkeykiller. In case you are too distracted by the slaughter to notice what Palin says, her plans for the future as governor include "helping to govern this state."Sarah Palin, ladies and gentlemen... the gift to media bloggers that keeps on giving.  

Thanks to Huffpost for turning me on to this.  


what a disgusting image. First of all, because it seriously shouws by whom we have the honour to be governed (or in this case, RISKED to be governed) nowadays. I do not trust politicians, although I love politics. We all need a new plato, or a Ghandi to re-build social priorities... what is she talking about?? She did not say absolutely anything concrete. Poor US. In all the senses of US.