Building a Blogstorm

Mark your calendars, clean off your keyboards, and brush up on your HTML: This October 15th is environmental bloggin' day.

The event – actually called Blog Action Day– is being organized by Australian blogger Collis Ta'eed, who hopes to bring together thousands of blogs from around the world to focus their attention on the environment for one 24-hour period. Bloggers who want to take part without posting green can also participate by pledging to donate their sites' earnings for the day to an environmental charity.


It's an experiment worth watching. According to the official site, more than 5,800 bloggers have signed up so far. Together, they're expected to reach some 3.8 million readers. In addition to boasting an impressive blog roll, the undertaking has garnered the support of popular Web 2.0 sites Reddit and

The Action Day project is an innovative way to use the blogosphere to draw attention to one issue, if only temporarily. By getting so many bloggers onboard, Ta'eed is pretty much guaranteed to generate attention and raise awareness. I'm doubtful that much practical good will come of the project, but so many disparate voices sharing their thoughts on environmental issues has to be a good thing, right?

Still, I'm somewhat bothered by the organizers' reasons for picking the environment to focus on. "We chose the environment because it's pretty adaptable," Ta'eed told Wired News. "Next year we'll try tackling something a little more pressing, maybe not so popular."

Could you at least have faked it a little, Ta'eed? The whole project would, I think, be more worthwhile if it were a little less concerned with the "ain't it cool" novelty, and a little more focused on addressing the issue. But, then again, maybe so much earnestness would have just driven away participants.

All things considered, Blog Action Day sounds like a worthy experiment. One of the strengths of blogging communities is the largely organic way in which they've self-organized. But this can also work as a weakness: Sometimes, even with the mechanisms that are in place to draw attention to good ideas (cross-promotion on blog rolls, social bookmarking sites, blog hierarchies), things get lost in the sheer number of voices out there. Even if it turns out to be a flash in the pan, Ta'eed's manufactured blogstorm will tap into the power of those online communities to make sure green voices are heard.

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