Can I recycle or give away my packing peanuts?

Q. We just moved, and as I unpack, I’m wondering what we should do with all of these packing peanuts?  They’re still perfectly good, but they take up too much room to store in the closet until I need them again. Can I recycle or reuse them? –Wanda Lee, Columbia, MO

A. If you had enough extra room in your closets to store loads of packing peanuts, Wanda, we’d be all up in your grill about green homes and not owning (read: heating/cooling/maintaining) more space than you need. So don’t feel bad about not saving them for next time. Unfortunately though, very few recycling programs accept packing peanuts. Worse, most brands of peanuts are made of polystyrene-based foam, which doesn’t biodegrade, and can remain intact for hundreds of years.  

Come to think of it, packing peanuts are so durable that we’d never need to manufacture another one in our lifetimes, if only we could find a way to keep passing them along to the next person in need of packing supplies. Enter: Peanut Hotline, a directory set up by a trade group representing packing-peanut-makers. Just punch in your city or zip code and you’ll get a list of nearby retailers that collect the little buggers for reuse. Or go to Earth 911’s similar search tool and type in packing peanuts. For some reason, the two directories seem to have very little overlap, so try both to get plenty of choices.

And next time you need to pack anything fragile, go for biodegradable packing peanuts. They’re made of cornstarch, which magically dissolves in water, and they’re widely available at places like Staples and Office Max.

- Sarah Schmidt

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It is so obvious but I don't know that all the shipping companies actually do it. We have a mailbox rental/shipping company in our town and they take all peanuts and styrofoam packaging with many thanks. This keeps them from buying as much, saves them money and puts old packaging back into the mainstream instead of needing so much new.
I can't believe that any company w/shipping wouldn't take such to save money.
ASK!! they can only say no. You can then just mention taking business elsewhere.

I have two huge bags of the foam peanuts in an outbuilding waiting to be used for shipping. I just can't bring myself to throw them in the trash! The corn or rice peanuts are easily detected by putting them on your tongue, where they promptly dissolve. More and more aware shippers are switching to these. Chickens just love them, and they go right into the compost if you don't have chickens.