How do I recycle old blue jeans?

Q. Is there somewhere I can send my old, ripped jeans for recycling? I've seen home insulation made from denim, but don’t know how to donate. – Kristina, NJ 

A. There is indeed. Bonded Logic makes insulation out of old denim, proof of which is that Newsweek profile of Adrian Grenier. The tree-hugging Entourage star is caught posing suggestively in front of his recycled jeans wall at his eco home in Brooklyn. Hot.

Most of the fabric Bonded Logic uses comes from factory floors, but some does come from jeans-wearing consumers, as well. Send yours to Green Jeans Insulation, at this address: 

Fair Indigo Denim Drive
c/o Green Jeans Insulation Inc.
1109 W. Milwaukee St.
Stoughton, WI 53589

Once you’ve got the old things off your hands, consider replacing them with sustainable, organic ones. The denim industry—what with all that toxic blue dye, stone washing, and chemical-intensive cotton—has been known to really do a number on rivers, soil, and Mama earth at large. Fortunately, enough companies are now making sustainable jeans that you can green your pants without sacrificing style. We love Sling and Stones and J Brand's new green line. Nothing comes between you and your sustainable slacks. 

-         Tobin Hack

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I would like to know if there is a directory of information pertainig to the recycling of particular articles and if you could possiblyhelp me ro find it.

i'd love to buy "green" jeans. but i don't have $200+ right now. and if i did, i couldn't possibly justify paying that much for a pair of jeans.