How the Hulk earned Green Media Association's green seal

Q. I heard that The Hulk won a new green media award. Who’s awarding these? –Belinda, TN

A. The organization you heard about is the Environmental Media Association (EMA)—a non-profit that’s been recognizing actors, show biz offices, movies, documentaries, and TV programs for work in the green sphere since 1991. EMA gives brownie points for everything from production energy conservation, to green thematic content (Homer getting into trouble for polluting a river in the Simpson’s movie), to subliminal eco-messaging (a strategically placed recycling bin on a sit-com set). The Hulk recently earned EMA’s Green Seal Award (introduced in 2004) for efforts including hiring a sustainability consultant, getting rid of non-reusable water bottles, using low VOC paints, and deconstructing (rather than demolishing) all wood items from the set. No surprise that one of the film’s first pre-production meetings focused on sustainability; Ed Norton himself had called up EMA and asked them to make this “the greenest Hulk ever,” and producer Gale Anne Hurd has long been committed to greening Hollywood as well. The Hulk is the first major studio production to run the EMA Green Seal right in its credits, which EMA’s Lisa Barnet says is exciting because it’s a step toward making the seal a “standard that all productions strive for.”

- Tobin Hack

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